Sorry for two posts in quick succession, but I want CLT to weigh in on a debate that’s raging over at Jezebel about LL Bean’s policy change. People are sad that they had to change their 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee due to “abuses” of the system (which include things like people using it to replace clothes kids grew out of). Personally, I’m surprised they didn’t change the policy sooner.

I told a story that my husband and I used the policy to get a free replacement for his (maybe 5 year old?) backpack that had worn out with holes and a ripped strap. I’m now basically being called evil and an idiot for scamming poor LL Bean and not properly interpreting what they wanted their policy to actually mean, which apparently was supposed to only refer to manufacturing defects and not normal wear and tear. I am apparently the reason that this poor corporation isn’t doing so well these days and had to change their policy. (And apparently the policy change had nothing to do with their stuff now being poorer quality and wearing out quicker...) This despite our being completely upfront and honest about the situation with LL Bean when we asked about the replacement, which we were given. Pretty sure a “scammer” uses at least some level of deception.


So, am I the asshole here? Or is it reasonable to take a company’s guarantee at face value?

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