I haven’t completed the new season yet, but I’m almost there. And holy shit, the last few episodes I’ve watched have been gut-wrenching. SPOILERS AHEAD through episode 11.

Episode 10 was fucking disturbing where we see how completely unhinged Piscatella is. The shit he says to the women while torturing them... and I expected the flashback to make me empathize with him in some way (which has typically been the theme of the show, with flashbacks giving context for people’s poor choices), but it didn’t at all. Not only was his relationship with the inmate creepy, his torture of the rapist was fucking sadistic and horrifying. I thought maybe it was going to be that he killed someone in the heat of the moment defending the guy he (creepily) loved. Nope. Honestly, I think that episode was really poorly written. Piscatella has become a completely one-dimensional monster, and that’s a weird choice for this show.

And then what’s happening with Suzanne is also really getting to me. This fucking season, man. SO MUCH sexual assault, emotional and physical torture, general emotional turmoil... it’s rough. I feel like it’s laying it on really heavy. To some extent, I appreciate just how much discussion the season has had on real issues with the prison system. But on the other hand, I’m really missing the humor in the show that normally balances that stuff out.


At least there’s still Freida. She’s been great this season.

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