Honestly, I was way more annoyed with the setup of this one than the last. It really seemed like CNN framed most of these questions around republican talking points. One was something like “why do you want to tie America’s hands by saying we won’t launch preemptive nuclear strikes?” They really seemed to be going after the frontrunners on the stage. Their goal definitely seemed to be entertainment, making them all fight as much as possible.

And they gave Delaney sooo much time - has he even cracked 1% in polls? They gave him and the other no names an air of being the mainstream moderates to contrast to Warren and Sanders. Ugh I really don’t like Delaney. I’m not convinced he’s not just a republican.


I actually was reminded in this debate about why I liked Sanders the first time around. He took some good swipes, including especially the one he took against CNN. I still have problems with him, but he did well last night. He and Warren were pretty aligned on that stage, as I think they generally are ideologically. The difference is that I believe she can actually do it rather than just make promises.

Marianne is still a bad candidate, but I like the shit she’s stirring. I wouldn’t be mad if she was still around for the next debate to point out when democrats are being stupid wringing their hands about not wanting to pay for public services when that’s the core philosophy of our party.


Actually even crazy eyes got in one good point I liked, about agriculture being a critical part of how we need to address climate change, sequestering carbon and fixing subsidies, etc.

I can’t recall a single word that beto said. Is he done yet?

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