I want to move, but I don’t know where. We currently own a home in a very white working class suburb of Boston who voted 70% Trump, and I don’t want to put my son into the not-great school system here. (A school system with a racially insensitive mascot, to boot.)

One of the big things that weighs on the decision is school systems. And here’s where I’m afraid I’m going to stick my foot in my mouth, but I’m going to soldier on so people can tell me if I’m being an asshole.


I would love to move to a more diverse town, but basically every town around that is more diverse either has an incredibly low performing school system, or is close to the city and very expensive. We’re decently well-off, but not like own-in-Cambridge rich. So then I end up looking at other white suburbs but ones that are more liberal than the one I’m in now. We’re in an interesting place too because I guess we’ll be increasing the diversity of the town we move to, with bearddamnheroes being half-Argentine. Our baby came out paler than pale though, so no one would ever know if it weren’t for his name.

We’re restricted on choices because I want to stay somewhat close to my family. I just don’t feel like I like any of the choices we have. And every time there’s a post about schools and desegregation it makes me wonder if I’m looking at things all wrong. Are we self-segregating by moving to a white town? But would we just be gentrifying if we moved to a diverse poor town?


ETA: When I’ve talked to people about the idea of moving to a diverse, less privileged town as a sort of means of contributing to desegregation, they’ve basically acted like I would be a bad parent for choosing to put my kid into a bad school system when other choices are available to me. Some have said “well you could do that to buy a cheaper home but then put him in private school” which is basically the opposite of what I’d want to do...

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