I’ve been watching a lot of Mr Rogers lately. Lildamnhero is old enough to appreciate him now, though he tends to get bored of the make-believe puppets (and often demands “Rogers” until I fast-forward). And it just keeps hitting me that I don’t think there’s any other show like it.

The main reason I love it is Mr Rogers calm, kind, genuine nature, his simple, sweet songs, and the show’s slow paced charm. I don’t have to feel too guilty about screen time because studies have showed that while most TV watching is linked to higher rates of ADHD in kids, Mr Rogers watchers actually demonstrated higher rates of patience and attention than non TV watchers.


And something else struck me yesterday. He does various crafts and things with stuff you can find around the house. And he goes out of his way to talk about parents not always being able to afford everything, and how to make your own toys when you can’t buy the ones in stores. I don’t recall another kids show ever really talking about families not being able to afford things, and how to make do with what you have.

Is Mr Rogers so unique? I feel like it’s strange that there haven’t been any decent copies of that model given how good it was. But maybe we just don’t have enough people like Mr Rogers in the world.


Anyway, here’s hoping this post is a nice palate cleanser for anyone looking to take a break from politics and splinter bullshit for a while.

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