I recently remembered ISideWith.com, and it occurred to me that it could be a great tool in this election of too many candidates. It takes a while to fill out the survey if you’re thorough (expanding all sections to get all the questions, looking at “other stances” instead of just yes/no), but I found it really informative to get everyone’s stance on each issue compared to me. I’m sure the debates will fill some of this purpose too, but I still think it’s useful.

Unsurprisingly, I aligned most with Warren (94%), with Harris as my number 2 (93%). Very validating. But it’s good to know exactly where I have some differences with some of the Democrats - especially Biden. And I hadn’t even heard of this Delaney idiot before taking this quiz but he seems like an ass.


I would add though that it’s a good idea to check the references (all stances are backed up) on anything you’re passionate about. I was surprised to see Warren as the lone Democrat against farm subsidies, but her stance was in reference to a farm bill that also cut food stamp funding.

I did hear concerns that they’re using Biden stances he’s since distanced himself on - namely the crime bill and Hyde amendment - but voting record counts for something. Even if his stance has evolved, I don’t trust him to be a champion for women’s health or unfairly treated nonviolent criminals. Plus he wants guns in schools, thinks we should deport immigrants for minor crimes, and opposes net neutrality? Come on, Joe.


And just because I feel like everything needs this disclaimer nowadays, I will vote for whomever gets the Democratic nomination. Even if it were somehow that Delaney idiot who I align with only 69%. (But of the Democrats who have any real chance, the lowest for me is Biden at 81%.)

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